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Coaching Psychology

 - a holistic framework for development

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  • Maximize individual and group potential
  • to realize personal and organisational goals
  • toward fulfilment, wellbeing and success  
  • by changing "mental gear" with SILM®
  • a simple framework to manage complexity

No one can tell you how the brain supports a mind, self, or consciousness, let alone strategic thinking and creativity within high performance teams. The best we can do is model the mind, for example, as having four interacting mental modes, and then develop this concept to better understand the complexity of the individual or group mind within the World:

SILM® can help you maximize the potential of these "mental gears." How?

  • by providing a sound mental foundation to underpin your endeavours.
  • balance 'creativity with practicality' and 'emotion with reason' to take advantage of your strengths
  • develop self-knowledge to maximize personal and team potential
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SILM® is a fractal that applies over multiple levels of scale, so it can also be applied in the World:

SILM® can help you in the World:

  • See the worlds we construct from different perspectives
  • Appreciate new possibilities for change and development
  • Plan and develop strategies and processes to achieve desired goals
  • Action ideas and processes to increase material and intellectual wealth for good
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