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Welcome to SILM® Coaching Psychology
Life, Executive, Management & Team Coaching

We offer a FREE* Introductory Program of three sessions to introduce SILM® Coaching, gain insights into your personality, and conduct a personal development review with a focus on aspirations and goals.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss further how SILM® may help you and your enterprise.

Linton Judd MBPsS MISCP

* Terms and conditions apply:
1. SILM® Coaching Psychology is a trading name of SILM® Limited (the "Company"). The FREE Introductory Program is time and participant number limited and the Company reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time.
2. The Introductory Program is only available by phone, online private chat, and Skype.
3. This offer is subject to the Company's full terms and conditions published on the Company's website https://silm.co.uk and these terms and conditions will apply at all times under all circumstances.

Company full terms & conditions

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