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Jung; MBTI (OA)
Jung; Organizational theory (OA)
[Note: (OA) = Open Access]
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The Golden Personality Type Profiler™

The Golden (GPTP™) comprises five dimensions that can be used to explain individual differences in personality. The first three dimensions are based upon Jung's (1964) theory of psychological type, the fourth on Allport's notion of the "Dynamic organization" within an individual and his or her adjustment to the environment, and the fifth on the trait of Emotional Stability from the "Big Five" model of personality proposed by Eysenck and other researchers (Wiggins 2003). Return SILM Theory

Each dimension contains two global bipolar or psychological opposite scales (e.g. Thinking versus Feeling). Further, each of the five global dimensions is composed of several more specific sub-component scales that are also bipolar. Hence the "talkative" facet of Extroverting is the psychological opposite of the "quiet" facet of Introverting.

The Global Scales
  • Extroverting (E) - Introverting (I)
  • Sensing (S) - INtuiting (N)
  • Thinking (T) - Feeling (F)
  • OrganiZing (Z) - Adapting (A)
  • Tense (T) - Calm (C)
The first four global dimensions can be interpreted in combination offering 16 possibilities; for example ESFA (Extroverting, Sensing, Feeling and Adapting).

The Facet Scales

To understand more specifically the differences between say Extroverts we can look to the facet scales. One may have a preference for Talkative and Socially Bold, but only a slight preference for Outgoing and Participative; whereas another might be the opposite, reflecting both the person-situation fit and differences within type.

The Golden Items

Questions are designed to capture peoples' behaviour within particular contexts, e.g. work, to avoid ambiguity in interpretation, and to provide accuracy and consistency in response. The Golden also includes items about individual behaviour, offering a more accurate description of personality.

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