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SILM® Limited Psychological Testing Policy

> Use of tests
> Use of norms
> Administration/Interpretation
> Data Procedures
> Monitoring purposes
> Briefing procedures
> Feedback arrangements
> Usage of test scores
> Materials and staffing
> Persons responsible
> Changes to Policy


The purpose of this document is to set out the policy of Silm® Limited (the "Company") with regard to psychological testing and compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998. This data protection policy will be made readily available as practical in either hard copy or electronic format to all users and all other interested parties. This Test Policy document whether published in physical or electronic format applies to all officers and salaried employees and paid associates ("employees and associates") of the Company with regard to the use and administration of bona fide existing third party psychological tests and the development and use of in-house psychological tests in the course of conducting research or commercial services on behalf of organizational and or individual clients of the Company.

Use of Tests

Tests will be used in the development and practice of coaching psychology as an additional resource to supplement and facilitate coaching interventions concerned with personal and organizational development with an appropriate balance struck and ultimately determined by an employee or associate of the Company between the well-being and needs of the individual respondent or client and the commercial considerations of any referring employer or organization. Tests will not be used as the basis of any form of psychological intervention that might be deemed to fall within any other professional area of psychological expertise as defined by the British Psychological Society and in particular counselling or clinical psychology unless the employee or associate of the Company is adequately trained and or qualified to operate in that area of professional expertise. Adequate referral procedures will be in place and used as appropriate.

Use of norms

Respondents' raw scores will be transformed into other scales or diagrammatic profiles when it is required to provide information about how other people scored or how someone with that score will perform on a particular job. Such cases might arise when a test has differential validity and one group is disadvantaged or tests are used for vocational guidance or when different but equivalent tests are used or scores from different tests need to be compared.

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Administration and Interpretation arrangements

Tests will be administered with due consideration for the well-being of respondents who shall be informed of the procedures and methods to be employed in the administration of psychological tests and as to how and by whom any interpretation of results will be conducted and how and to whom any such interpretation will be conveyed. All employees and associates will conduct themselves in the administration and feedback of psychological tests and provision of feedback in a manner that observes any applicable statutory obligation and any professional code of conduct and or ethical guideline applicable to psychological testing in the UK.

Storage, retention time and access to data procedures

All data will be stored securely in either physical premises that are either owned and or occupied by the company in such storage facilities as able to limit access to authorised persons or in electronic format on hardware or disc or other storage facility such that data is accessible to authorised employees and associates only. Where data is transmitted electronically either by employees or associates on in-house networks or third party networks or the World Wide Web it shall be done so in such a way as to attempt to prevent access by unauthorised third parties but in the event of unauthorised access data will be either limited by secure password access and or by encryption such that it cannot be read nor is meaningful nor can be used by any third party. Data will be stored in either physical or electronic format for as long as is required for its intended purpose and for any additional period of time if requested either by respondent or administrator by mutual agreement. Any data access request will be actioned in compliance with the Data Protection Act currently in force.

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Monitoring purposes

Data may be monitored anonymously to ensure compliance with all relevant legislation as applicable only to the country in which the Company is registered and which at present is the United Kingdom.

Candidate briefing procedures

All candidates or respondents will be adequately briefed as to procedures to be employed in the administration of psychological tests and advised as to how data will be used and stored.

Feedback arrangements

Feedback of completed psychological test data will be provided to candidates individually and in the event of referral by an employer or potential employer either in person or on printed matter or electronically or any combination of these alternatives as appropriate in a confidentially sensitive manner such that only those persons authorised to access the data may do so.

Usage of test scores with other information

All psychological test scores and interpretations are to be used in addition to and in conjunction with additional sources of information obtained from the user by interview or psychological assessment or any other psychological procedure as appropriate to facilitate the formation of an informed and balanced opinion or decision concerning any test user and or candidate and or referred employee. All test users will be informed as to whom such information will be made available and consent obtained either verbally or in writing prior to obtaining said information and passing or sharing it with those parties identified.

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Sourcing materials and staffing

Materials employed including any psychological test will be fit for purpose. All staff and test administrators will be appropriately qualified to the level of responsibility and involvement in the administration and processing and interpretation of psychological test data.

Persons responsible

The identity of the person or persons involved in the administration and or processing and or interpretation of psychological test data will be made known to any candidate or respondent either as a matter of course or in the event of a specific request from a candidate or respondent for such information concerning that person only.

Changes to this Data Protection Policy

It may be necessary from time to time to amend this Data Protection Policy either voluntarily or as required to comply with any changes to the Data Protection Act 1998 or any other relevant legislation and the Company reserves the right to make such changes. Any reference to the Data Protection Policy of the Company will be to that in force at the time of administration or with regard to stored date that in force during the period of storage.

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